⌯ hope ⌯

you drove to your parents house and we talked about everything 
we talked about how much it sucked, but no matter what, we had to remain 

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so we’re clinging onto objects
that someone else had touched
in hopes that we still smell them
in the fabric and the dust


i don’t want to fall in love
i want to fall into a hole
an endless void large enough
to consume every part of me
and distract me from the pain
of you moving on

Anonymous: people are fickle and shallow, be with someone who doesn't replace you like that, people like that will suffer some day.


i actually totally disagree. people who move on quickly are just looking for happiness. come on, getting to know someone feels good, especially in its early stages. if a person “replaces” you it’s because you left a hole in their chest big enough to need replacing. you can question the realness of it, but why? i know that i am and have always been a sad sap who romanticizes the connections he has with people, someone who falls in love with girls he had one night stands with. all they have to do is fucking hold me after. how does that make my love any more authentic? it doesn’t. its the same desperate search for something that makes you feel whole.

losing someone like that doesn’t hurt because you lost something real, it hurts because you’re forced to come to terms with the fact that, surprise, almost nothing is. it’s being reminded that love is fleeting, and it can be felt in so many different ways with so many different people, and we forget that every time we fall into it. 

by the end of it all maybe, just maybe, you’ll have experienced an okay relationship where you got to laugh and cry and cum and be the truest, most human version of yourself in the presence of another person. don’t shame the people who are hungry for that all over again. 


heat death

i want to love you
until the sun
destroys every bit of
our universe
until you’re sure
that our ultimate fate
was to keep trying
and you’re convinced
of the existence of a god
that modeled your freckles
in the sky’s image
creating little universes
on your body that
i would want to explore

Anonymous: please tell me that this songs going to be on the album


well, first of all, i wanted to say thank you for all the messages i got about the song i posted last night. it won’t be on any album, it won’t be on itunes, it’s just something i wrote and wanted to share with you guys. or maybe i just wanted to prove that i could write a fucking breakup song without relying on accusatory lyrics about who broke whose heart, or childish imagery about who never had the guts to fix things. maybe a breakup song could just be about losing your best friend, and missing them, and turning that emotion into art. 


don’t hold your tongue
i know we’re done
i’m not an idiot
there’s no coming back
from where we’ve been
and who we’ve been with
but these are not the people
we thought that we would touch
and i’m scared that if i see you
i’ll start missing you too much

i know i felt like home
a year ago
when this was new
we’ll learn who we are
when we drift apart
when we drift
but when did we become so old
tomorrow i turn twenty four
and i’m still chasing the dreams
we had in high school

now we’re clinging onto objects
that someone else had touched
in hopes that we still smell them
in the fabric and the dust
i took the book you wrote me
and i tore it into shreds
but i still keep it in a shoe box
in a space next to my bed
i want to hold you until i’m empty
and i’ve got nothing left
so when you let me go
could you do it slow

and i’m sorry that i went away
i just needed some time to make
the pain into something
you can hold

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